Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reptile Zoo, Python holding!

Holding a python – not on the list but it makes it onto the blog anyway for definitely getting added to the anti-boredom pile!

One very rainy (surprise, surprise) Sunday afternoon we headed to the Reptile Zoo in county Kilkenny.  Pretty cool place, they have some amazing reptiles there – geckos, lizards, snakes and plenty more.

They have a picnic area there too so we brought our lunch with us too.  Really cool day and I got to hold a python – really really heavy and they feel weird, very cool experience! 

1 more check! 10km race – Flora Womens Mini Marathon

So seeing as it was on the bucket list I thought I’d get this one done in 2012.  

One of my best friends Chantelle was running it too so I signed up.  Knowing that I could walk it with no problems I set myself the challenge to jog the full 10km.   

The race was on the 4th of June – a bank holiday Monday here.  I started training on the 12th of March.  Before this I had never ran a step in my life! Luckily for me my Mum used to be a health and fitness instructor so with her by my side I jogged my 1st kilometre on the 12th of March! I thought my lungs were going to leave me!! But once I set my mind to something I’m a very determined person so I wasn’t going to give up easy.  After that first day it was obvious that my 7 year old runners just weren’t going to cut it so I quickly went and got that sorted!! So shiny new runners were purchased (in my favourite colour purple!). 

Lovely new runners
 So on the 4th of July we were in Dublin for the race.  Instead of raising money for a cause myself I decided to donate money to fellow runners for their causes.  So €100 went to the South East Simon Community and €100 to Aware.  The day was brilliant, the sun shone and everyone was in great form.  Over 40,000 women took part in the race, the 30th Flora Mini Marathon – it’s the largest all women event in the world!  The first 3km were pretty frustrating ducking and diving around the walking ‘joggers’ – i.e. people who’d signed up as joggers but had no intention of jogging anywhere!!

Here I am ready to go with my number pinned on
Me and my buddy Chantelle pre-race
My initial goal was just to finish the race and have jogged the full thing, but in the back of my mind I also wanted to get a time of 70mins so that next year I could enter as a “fast jogger” – did I do it? I sure did! Also the fastest Sherlock in the race hahaha!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another one bites the dust: Purple Hair - Check!

I think without any further delay I'll cut to the photo log for this one... it says more than I ever could with words!  I reeeeeally loved my purple hair, more than I thought I would :o) Maybe I'll do it again some day!


Half Way... Aprés Bleach-Pre Purple (this was soooo scary!) :

The Finished Product:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sky Dive - Check!

Managed to check this one off for my birthday weekend - pretty epic way to spend my last day as a 24year old!  This was the most amazing experience ever and surprisingly a lot more fun and easier to do than I thought.  Because it was a tandem jump I didn't really have to make a decision to jump - it just happened!  The tandem master made that choice for me.  It was a case of up we go in the plane, get to 10,000 feet, door opens, off we go! Totally exhilirating.  I think I kept smiling for about 2 days after this.

The best part is after the freefall, after the wind has been rushing passed my ears for 20seconds and everything is so loud, the parachute opens and suddenly there I am floating in the air in pure silence - amazing!!!

We were lucky that the weather conditions were as good as they were, considering that this is Ireland and it was November when we did the sky dive!  On the way down we even got a chance to hold onto the reins of the parachute and steer for a while - including some 360 spins! Unreal experience, if I could have I would have been straight back up to do another one!

So I did the sky dive with a friend I've known for about 10 years - he did his sky dive for the Jack and Jill Foundation and I did mine for the Solas Center.  

So here's the video of me jumping (including my li'l happy dance at the end!):

And here's some pretty great looking stills taken from the video:
On the way up
Checking out the view

Heeeeere we go!
Yup... just jumped outta it!
Pretty parachute :o)
Thumbs up!
Aaaaand we're down again :o)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Guinness Brewery - Check!

I had a couple of days holidays booked from work so myself and the other half headed to Dublin for a couple of nights.  The Thursday we headed to the Guinness Brewery.  This was the other halfs first ever Brewery tour, I've previously done the Heineken (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Carlsberg (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Stella Artois (Leuven, Belgium) Brewery's.  Being Irish I felt it was a bit odd to have never been to the Guinness Brewery before - hence why this was on the list.

So we walked from O'Connell Street in the centre of Dublin to the Brewery - we had kind of underestimated this walk and probably should have taken the Luas but it was dry and warm so the walk was nice - if a little long.  Anyway we arrived at the Brewery and had pre-booked our tickets online for a 10% discount so headed straight to the pre-booked ticket machines and headed on in.  There is a little customer service desk where we were fortunately allowed to leave our shopping bags so that we didn't have to lug these around with us.  We were both gasping so headed to the Café Bar first for a drink and a snack before starting the tour. 

We learned about the four key ingredients - hops, yeast, barley and water and how the four ingredients are combined to create Guinness.  There are little areas around the brewery then that taught us about the transport involved in getting Guinness from one door to another, a section all about the barrels that are used to store the Guinness and another area about the famous advertising campaigns.  My favourite part of the brewery tour was that we got to pour our own pint - and drink it!  Having never poured a pint before in my life this had a novelty factor to it too.  So here's the steps:

Here's me trying it out:
Glass ready
1st pour
Leave to settle
2nd pour - top it up
Finished - leave to settle
The best bit - tasting the result!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oops! Kinda forgot about updating here!

I may have forgotten to do my bit of blogging! BUT! And that's a big but, I have been crossing some things off my list.  I'll do a li'l post on each over the next few days.

I'm also well on my way to crossing off a few more too because for Christmas presents in 2011 I received voucehers for a flying lesson to fly a plane and a voucher for a spa weekend.  I'm also jetting off too South America (which is another continent to tick off ) in February for Carnival in Rio and I'm signing myself up to run 10k for the Flora Mini-Marathon in June so lots and lots of things to look forward to!

The blog postings will be coming through thick and ready in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Anti-boredom fun times! Corcaigh!

So for a weekend of fun times we headed off to Middleton to visit the lovely Chantelle and Leo.  Before our weekend of fun I did of course have to get my coffee fix in Gloria Jeans (we don't have one in Waterford) - which involved a lovely very vanilla espresso chiller followed by an expensive raid of MAC in Brown Thomas (also don't have this in Waterford - thankfully for my bank balance!).  I might do a post another time about my crush on MAC makeup! :o)

Saturday night Leo was working so we stayed in with Chantelle and had a couple of beers while playing Scrabble and CountDown... as boring as this might seem to some people we're avid fans of Scrabble.  We've all done a stint of back packing and your love of Scrabble tends to develop over this time.  Top scoring word for the night was Sherbet for a nice 36 and I'm proud to say that of our 'Z' words there wasn't a zoo in sight!

Sunday we headed to Fota Wildlife Park - neither myself or Slim can remember how old we were the last time we were there.  It was sooo much fun!  Ice-lolly's, pretending to be flamingo's, feeding the ducks and hanging out with giraffes was the agenda of the day, throw in some funny masks and some awesome looking monkey and a super friendly kangaroo and you get the recipe for an awesome day!!

Here's some photo's of the laughs from the day :o)

Brady bunch?!
Hanging out with the flamingos!

Feeding the ducks!
Giraffes + beebie giraffe :o)
'It's so fluffy!!!'
Cute baby bison, not so cute grown up bison! Wouldn't mess with that parent!
S'up skippy?
 Also a little note for the cutest train station I've seen in Ireland and the adorable baby swallows nested in the shelter...
Baby swallows. Tweet tweet!

We finished the day in Leonardo's Bistro - a local Italian in Middleton - delicious food!!!  I had deep  fried brie wedges with cranberry sauce for starter and chicken tikka tagliatelle for my main.  Unreal!  Soooo not Weight Watchers friendly but sometimes you just have to forfeit for amazing food! :o)

Then it was time to get the bus home again - two happy campers after our fun weekend!

Cork? We'll be back!